-Project Management-

Professional and efficient project management is the key to a construction project’s success. A general contractor can coordinate your project from start to finish. We take the stress from you and give you a finished project that you can enjoy.

The team at Cooney Carpentry Inc. will manage your construction project from start to finish, diligently working to meet project timeline, coordinate subcontractors, ensure material deliveries and complete installations. We work alongside our subcontractors to give you the best results possible.

CCIFlag creates a project timeline for every one of our projects. This allows us to schedule material deliveries, coordinate subcontractors and create an organized work environment. We set daily goals for ourselves to keep the project on schedule. It is important to us that everyone work diligently and that requires us to give each of our subcontractors ample time to do their part.

Maintaining proper communication and consistent schedule management is essential to staying within budgets and hard deadlines. At CCIFlag, we aim to build your home quicker, saving you time and money.

Why Should We Manage Your Project?

  • We have experience
  • We are efficient
  • We communicate
  • We have vision