-Home Remodeling-
The idea of home remodeling can be a daunting task. CCIFlag makes that simple for our clients with our extensive knowledge of home remodeling and project management.
Kitchen remodeling is a great way to upgrade your existing space. CCIFlag can design and build a kitchen from top to bottom that will suit your needs. Our services include remodeling your existing kitchen to improve the functionality to designing a brand new kitchen to be the pride and joy of your home.
CCIFlag works with local designers to customize your kitchen layout. Supporting local designers means that you can visit showrooms to look at cabinet and countertop options. CCIFlag sources most of the materials needed from local vendors. We are big fans of supporting local business. This allows you to mix and match physical samples to create the color palette best suited for you home.
CCIFlag can create the kitchen of your dreams or remodel an existing kitchen to suit your needs. We can help you select top of the line countertops, tilework, lighting, and appliances that will customize your space. As an experienced kitchen remodeler, CCIFlag knows the latest improvement in kitchen technology. From phone controlled mood lighting for your cabinets to motion-censored kitchen faucets. CCIFlag uses the latest soft-closing drawers and doors to preserve your kitchen for years to come.
Our trusted subcontractors help you finalize selections for every piece of your kitchen making it truly unique. At CCIFlag, we understand that you not only need a functional kitchen but one that will be the pride and joy of your home. A kitchen that caters to the needs of your family as well as the needs of your dinner party guests.
A bathroom is a tranquil space inside your home. They should feel warm and inviting to both your family and guests. As an experienced bathroom remodeler, CCIFlag can help you design a bathroom that suits all your needs. We work with local designers to build a space that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.
The fixtures and technology in bathrooms are always evolving. CCIFlag incorporates multiple aspects of the latest fixtures, tiles, flooring, and technology in your bathroom design. From an automated toilet to adjustable task lighting. The technology for fixtures has advanced to panel controls in the shower for multiple showerheads and different stream and temperature options. Choosing the right fixtures can not only help your morning routine but they can be eco-friendly and energy efficient as well. The right fixtures can reduce you water and energy bill saving you money without much effort on your part.